VMworld 2014 San Francisco: Day 1, The Announcements



The largest cloud show of its kind, VMworld 2014 opened with the General Session in Moscone Center in San Francisco. 22,000 attendees from 85 countries are here. The show actually opened 2 days previously, but everyone who is going to be here is at this event. Partner Day and TAM Day were earlier and last night was the welcoming buffet in the Solutions Exchange. I’ll be at the Solutions Exchange later this week demoing in the Cisco booth Platform as a Service and Cloud Management.

No Limits is the theme this year.

Pat GelsingerPat Gelsinger, VMware CEO

started with this quote:

“The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible.”

This is one of the Three Laws of Prediction by Sir Arthur C Clarke, famous science fiction author and futurist.

Two years ago Pat stepped onto this stage to take the baton of leadership at VMware. This morning he uses the analogy of a “liquid world” to talk about the change in business:

  • Uber has a market cap of Hertz and Avis combined, with no physical assets.

He talked about Bravery:

  • 23andMe, DNA testing for $99… not the $100,000 that Steve Jobs paid to fight his cancer.
  • Landing on the moon 45 years ago was done with an army of people behind it.
  • VMware’s 17,000 employees who drive business enablement around the world.

Fluid, instant, choice:

  • VMware’s vision is to virtualize compute, network, and storage… with a management layer above it.


  • vCloud Suite 5.8. Version 6.0 is in beta.
  • Virtual Volumes and Virtual SAN 2.0 beta
  • vRealize Suite: new name for automation (including vCAC and vCOPs)

Hyper converged infrastructure solution: VMware EVO, the next evolution of infrastructure. This is another move in VMware’s march to the higher end of the market, and for hardware commoditization:

  • 1st member: EVO RAIL: deployment in 15 minutes, design and price predictability, one support call, designed for 100 VMs. With OEMs: Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, in spur, net one, Supermicro.
  • EVO:RACK (tech preview). At cloud scale, to DC in less than 2 hours, range of certified hardware solutions.

Pat announced that VMware is joining the Open Compute Project today.

  • More choice: VMware integrated OpenStack, now in Beta.
  • The apparent conflict between VMs and containers are addressed “containers without compromise”: Open Container API, and Project Fargo: lighter weight, faster deployment.

Partnership with: Docker, Google, Pivotal, VMware

Last year, VMware announced NSX, the networking equivalent of ESX for servers. Pat called out IT Security — SDDC and NSX offers automated security and enforcement with scale-out fire walling. NSX currently has +150 customers, +40 partners


Bill FathersBill Fathers, VMware EVP and GM, Hybrid Cloud Services Business Unit was the next speaker.


A year ago today VMware launched vCHS, now called vCloud Air.

Then promised: DRaaS, DaaS, PaaS… and ecosystem partners as well.

All accomplished in the last year, and more. But it all boils down to three key benefits:

Agility, Efficiency, Cost Savings

5 years ago in 2009: 2% of workloads were in Public Cloud, 98% on-prem.

2014: 6% of VMs in Public Cloud, 94% on-prem. Acceleration.

4 Phases of Cloud Adoption:

  • Phase 1: Experimental
  • Phase 2: Professional
  • Phase 3: Mass Market
  • Phase 4: Legacy

vCloud Air = Hybrid Cloud Platform helps move workloads between on-premises to Public Cloud, like vCloud Air, across all three continents.

September will mark the beta of vCloud Air with Government to conform to their compliance standards.

3,900 worldwide partners now with applications like:

DevOps Services, DaaS, Object Storage, Mobility Services, Cloud Management. You can find it at:



Carl EschenbachCarl Eschenbach, VMware President & COO was the last speaker.

He showcased 3 customers:

  • Medronics VP of Applications.
  • MIT Information Systems and Technologies
  • Ford Enterprise Technology Research

There were other announcements delivered, you can catch the recording at VMworld NOW

Read my articles on VMworld Day 2 and the Final Day.

Thanks for coming along.


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