Welcome to TechTrends!


The purpose of this weblog is to provide observation, insight, and analysis of new trends in technology to people who can benefit from it.

The audience is intended to be those who are technically literate, without having to be on the bleeding edge of the digerati. The approach will be introductory, rather than how-to, showcasing some of the latest emerging technologies.

Out primary focus will be on information. So much of our modern lives and business dealings involve the quick, efficient, and effective use of information. And with the amount of digital information growing exponentially, today’s challenges around information include:

  • Where to find the right information?
  • How to make sense of it?
  • How to store and manage it?
  • How to communicate it to the right people?

Our approach will include observation about the trends, some analysis of its velocity and likelyhood of mass acceptance, and finally some potential practical business application of the technology.

Some of the topics I’ll cover in this blog will include:

  • Blogs (web logs): what are they and is it catching?
  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication): just another TLA or the start of something big?
  • Virtualization: why is this one of the biggest trends in computing?
  • Social Networking: How are people using sites like LinkedIn and Facebook?
  • Podcasting: you don’t have to be a DJ, but you can play one on the Internet.
  • Wiki and Wikipedia: collaborative content and the free encyclopedia.
  • Answers.com: ask Mr. Dictionary/Thesaurus/Encyclopedia/Web.
  • Smart Phones: cell phones meet PDAs
  • PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants): Palm and PocketPC
  • Search Wars: you’ve made it through the Browser Wars, now what?
  • Mapping: how does Internet mapping suggests location based services?
  • Malware: Spam, virus, adware… oh my!
  • IM (Instant Messaging): the new e-mail?
  • SMS (Short Messaging System): the new IM?